Wall hung toilet

wall hung toilet : Buying advice and user guide

The wall hung toilet : behind this mysterious name lies a real revolution in home toilets! More practical to clean, more hygienic and above all more aesthetic than the toilets we are used to in our houses and flats, it is nowadays used more and more in new buildings.

If you’ve decided to give a facelift to this room, which is so important to your home, its many advantages should convince you to take the plunge. Find out more about them, as well as the models that have caught our attention.

The wall hung toilet : definition

Unlike the usual toilet, which is fixed to the floor, the wall hung toilet is … Suspended. What does this mean? It is actually attached to a support (more exactly called a support frame), which will conceal the pipes and the cistern.

This of course makes it more aesthetic, but also quieter, since the support muffles the noises of filling the cistern.

And no more crawling around on all fours to get a sponge and mop behind the pipes. Another important advantage is that the height of the suspended toilet can be adjusted when it is installed.

But of course, the most common reason for choosing a wall-mounted toilet is certainly the aesthetics. Only when the toilet bowl itself appears, the bathroom or toilet cubicle will appear more spacious, more airy and, let’s say it: more chic.

How does it work the wall hung toilet?

In concrete terms, a suspended WC is installed using a support frame, which can be directly recessed into the wall, or simply fixed to the floor and wall and covered with formwork. This makes it possible to conceal any connection of the toilet bowl to the frame in question.

The flush is fixed above the toilet in the form of a flushing plate: the system, which is almost universal nowadays, is therefore operated at the push of a button.

Of course, your wall-mounted WC can contain various options: double flush to choose the amount of water used, motion detector to activate it only by passing your hand in front of it, connection to a washbasin or bidet, or the addition of a sanitizer.

It is therefore possible to purchase the support frame and the basin separately, which is even common practice. But make sure that both pieces of equipment are equipped with universal fastening systems and compatible dimensions (even if these are of course standardised).

Villeroy and Bosch, Geberit and Grohe wall-hung toilets are among the most reliable purchasing options.

Why choose a wall-hung toilet?

Everyone will have his or her own major reason for choosing a suspended WC. For tall or short people, the possibility to adjust the height as closely as possible when installing it will certainly be a convincing argument.

For those who care about cleanliness and are happy that their home shines in every corner, it is undoubtedly the greater ease of cleaning that will attract them. Hidden away, pipes no longer have to be cleaned so frequently, as they no longer collect dust and dirt.

And of course, there is design. A wall hung toilet is a real eye-catcher!

Does it have any disadvantages this kind of wall-hung toilet?

A wall hung toilet has no real drawbacks when you know what you’re doing or when you call in a professional to install it. First of all, of course, because the suspended toilet must be solid, at the risk of cruel disappointment! But the systems are well designed and, if everything is done properly, there is virtually no risk of this happening.

On the other hand, the installation is more complicated than for more traditional WCs: you have to pay attention to the slope of the drain pipe to ensure a good drainage, you have to know how to secure the frame as well as the trapdoor to access the plumbing installations…

In addition, a wall-hung toilet cannot be fixed to a plasterboard wall or wooden floor. Even if some models allow you to get around this difficulty, be careful before you buy!

Finally, bear in mind that you will lose the storage space that the top of the cistern often becomes. This can be restrictive for small spaces. Of course, you will gain space at the bottom, under the toilet bowl, but it may be less practical depending on what you store on the tank.

Other types of toilets

To give you a complete overview of the different types of toilet you can choose to install in your home, let’s start with the one you probably won’t choose: the so-called « Turkish style » toilet.

The need to crouch in a vacuum, their dubious hygiene, and their willingly overflowing flushing toilets have finally got the better of this rustic installation which, moreover, has nothing especially Turkish about it: the Turks speak of Greek toilets, and the Greeks speak of Bulgarian toilets!

Dry toilets are no longer in vogue and are not suitable for flat life either. Some country house residents, for whom ecology is particularly important, and who also want to grow their own fruit and vegetables, for example, will use them to save water and recover waste in the form of fertiliser. But they are well and truly made for the outdoors!

For your flat or detached house, you can choose between three different types of WCs:

● The classics, fixed to the floor,
● They are available in sanibroyeur, which are more economical, but also often noisier,
● The bidet toilet seat, which are beginning to find their fans. Equipped with a bidet, and often with other high-tech accessories (such as a motion detector that controls the seat, so you don’t have to touch it directly), Japanese toilets are a must for comfort and hygiene, but their prices can skyrocket.

Comparison: our selection of wall hung toilets (best quality/price ratio)

A little heavier (18 kilos), also guaranteed for 10 years, this support frame is another sure value in this field, from a brand that is the most reliable. Its flushing volume is adjustable (from 3 to 7.5 litres). This is the kind of purchase you can make with your eyes closed.

Gebe​​​​​rit 111 333 005

This wall hung toilet frame from a brand that is no longer present has all the advantages that can be expected from this type of installation.

In particular, its steel frame, finished in epoxy, can be placed on a load-bearing wall as a non-load-bearing wall. With a weight of 16.8 kilos for a maximum pressure of 1 bar, it is reliable and solid. And guaranteed for ten years by the manufacturer!

Grohe 38340001

This pack contains a support frame supplied with fasteners and connections with sound insulation (the kind of detail you realise when you use it how much, after years of not using it, it suddenly seems indispensable), but also a two-button flush plate and a bowl that you can choose from in two models (standard or with a drop brake).

The whole thing weighs a good 40 kilos, but the Geberit guarantee makes it a safe purchase.

Self-supporting Geberit pack

Choosing a wall hung toilet for your toilets: criteria to compare

For a suspended WC, as for this kind of product, whose strength is crucial and connected to water, avoid only aiming at the low end of the range models at a low price. Moreover, always check that they are gratified by the NF standard, which guarantees the efficiency of the drainage, the resistance to cleaning products and therefore the lifespan of your WC, and the universality of the connection systems.

For the rest, we advise you to check with the seller (this is also possible for online purchases) that the support frame can be easily adapted to your room (walls and material) and, as far as possible, that the flushing plate is equipped with two buttons to avoid using water unnecessarily.

Sound insulation can also be an important criterion, which can be very valuable over time.

One last detail that may not be one of them: let your heart speak for itself, too, by choosing a toilet bowl that looks good to the eye!

The most common questions are answered

How easy is it to install a wall hung toilet?

No. Do-it-yourselfers who have already refurbished flats, or just bathrooms, will have no problem installing a wall hung toilet, but for others, you really need to call in a professional.

The risk is not so much that a wall hung toilet will unseal itself, but that certain crucial details, such as the quality of the drainage or the cleanliness of the plumbing connections, will be overlooked: don’t forget that some water leaks are only noticed once they have caused damage.

What is a flangeless wall hung toilet?

The flange of a toilet is that rim that goes around the bowl, folded inwards, from which the water from the toilet flushes out. In short, it is the most nightmarish thing to clean! But from now on, new technologies make it possible to do without it completely.

A slight relief then covers the entire bowl, and these surface irregularities, invisible to the naked eye and cleverly designed, allow the water flow to be guided in the best possible way, for perfect rinsing. This also helps to save water… Like cleaning products!

How to dress the support frame of your suspended WC?

As you wish! Using a formwork will allow you to cover your installation with paint or tiles. You can also – depending of course on the exact dimensions of your room – embed it into the wall for a totally invisible effect.

However, bear in mind that the formwork is not supplied with the support frame, and not all of them are suitable for painting or tiling: you will need to know how you intend to decorate it before proceeding with the purchase (or manufacture).

Are all toilets compatible with wall hung toilets?

Yes… and no. All toilets designed for suspended WCs can be adapted to your support frame, as long as they both have the NF standard (but if they do not have the NF standard, you are not dealing with a serious product, run away!). On the other hand, conventional WCs cannot be transformed into suspended WCs.
On the other hand, many options can complete this type of installation, such as, for example, a bidet or a washbasin.

Where to buy toilet components and accessories?

In specialist shops, of course, where you can rely on the most famous brands, such as Grohe, or the WC brands Jacob Delafon or Villeroy and Bosch.

However, you should also think about the Internet, even if you want to invest in a toilet bowl and a suspended toilet support frame, for example. There you will find all the brands, but also models, available on the market, whatever your price range!

The guarantees also work online, at least if you go through reliable dealers such as Amazon. Above all, this allows you to compare the ranges at your leisure and make your choice with peace of mind.

Don’t hesitate to consult customer reviews to form your own opinion, or even to ask the seller questions specific to your installation, it’s possible on Amazon in the comments section! This will give you all the information you need to buy the best brand of toilet adapted to your particular case.