Bidet toilet seat

Bidet toilet seat : User guide and buying advice for Japanese Toilet seat

There was a time when it was in good taste to make fun of Japanese toilets seat. However, they are slowly but surely beginning to make their mark in our countries. The reason for this is undoubtedly the ever-increasing importance attached to hygiene, especially among the younger generations.

Do you also think it’s time to switch to bidet toilet seat, for their comfort rather than for better cleanliness? Follow our WC guide to find out all about this revolutionary, high-tech system, which everyone who has tried it says they can’t do without it.


What is a flush toilet (also called a bidet toilet seat and Japanese toilet seat)?

In reality, the bidet toilet seat and Japanese toilet was invented in Switzerland in the 1950s. But it was in the Japanese archipelago that it really found its public, where it equips the ¾ homes.

The principle is simple. It makes it possible to do without an activity which is not the most pleasant, wiping oneself after the operation! In fact, all you have to do is press a button and a mini shower head hidden in a rim of the toilet bowl appears and propels a jet of water at body temperature to clean you perfectly.

This system is much more hygienic than the usual use of toilet paper, and ensures a much more thorough cleaning. The intensity of the jet can usually be adjusted. They are also called washlets, a contraction of « to wash » and toilets.

The showerhead system is the basic principle of the bidet toilet seat and usually when we talk about them, we mean the use of this system.

But bidet toilet seat can be equipped with other systems, each one more high-tech than the other: heated seat, automatic opening and closing of the flap, economical or even intelligent flushing (it may be possible to control your toilet flush from your smartphone via bluetooth or even to play music through an app on the quality speakers fitted to your toilet!)

Will we one day say « intelligent like a Japanese toilet flush »?

How does it work the bidet toilet seat?

The bidet toilet seat is based on the use of a hand shower whose jet allows to clean perfectly both the anus and the lady’s intimacy.

The temperature and sometimes the pressure of the jet are adjustable. When not in use, the hand shower is stowed away and hidden from view, it comes out at the touch of a button and is automatically rinsed after use.

Remember that a bidet toilet seat can be fitted as standard on a toilet bowl when you buy it, but it can also come in the form of a simple flap to replace your traditional toilet seat.

The advantages of the bidet toilet seat.

As we said: more comfort, more cleanliness. That’s not insignificant, but that’s not all.

First of all, of course, switching to the bidet toilet seat seat allows you to considerably reduce your toilet paper consumption. It’s economical (compared to the consumption of water and electricity, both of which are very low – Japanese toilets are equipped with a standby system) and it’s better for the environment.

It also avoids irritation, a problem which often affects children but which is also well known to many fragile skins.

It is also much less painful if you suffer from inflammation or haemorrhoids! Finally, women particularly appreciate it, showing a much better hygiene of their entire intimacy, especially in case of hormonal changes or vaginal discharge.

Last but not least, it can be a real revolution for people with reduced mobility suffering from arthritis, sclerosis, obesity, or who are simply elderly, allowing them to regain all their dignity when going to the toilet.

Some top-of-the-range models can be equipped with glycemic detectors, which are highly appreciated by diabetics or overweight people.

Does the bidet toilet seat have any disadvantages?

To tell the truth, there are no real drawbacks to using this type of toilet! The nozzle of the hand shower is itself automatically rinsed after each use, and the system is removable, which allows it to be washed completely, in particular to get rid of the limescale that can accumulate there.


However, before making any purchase, check that your system meets the NF standard, which is the case with all recognised manufacturers. This guarantees total safety for electrical appliances used in bathrooms.

However, when installing the system, follow the safety instructions in the manual. In particular, be sure to turn off water and electricity before working on electrical and plumbing systems.

For absolutely impeccable hygiene, however, we recommend products that can be connected to the washbasin, and not only to the toilet flush: warm water is more effective than water at room temperature alone.

Is the washing toilet too expensive? Try the bidet toilet seat

Nowadays, the washing shower is a standard feature of the most modern WCs, including the very popular hanging WCs. However, this is a major purchase, especially since, unless you are a real DIY professional, you should call in a professional to completely change your toilet system.

But fortunately, fashionable brands offering bidet toilet seat systems such as Toto, Grohe or Geberit (who claims to have invented them), aware of this problem, offer simple bidet toilet seats.

These can be adapted to your classic seat: simply replace the flap, and it’s very easy to do so.

The kit system that allows you to switch to a flush toilet simply by replacing your traditional toilet seat can be connected, thanks to the connections provided in the kit, either to the flush or to the washbasin: only in the latter case will you be able to benefit from temperate, adjustable water. A low-cost solution that does not compromise comfort or hygiene.

Comparative : our selection of the best bidet toilet seat covers

This white flap contains its own water tank of just over a litre. But it also includes hot-air drying, a heated seat – activated by a presence detector – and three wash programmes and sensor to personalise its use!

Both the water and drying air temperature are adjustable, and a drop brake ensures that the flap closes smoothly at all times. In short, everything you can dream of.

Folding seat Vida XL

Female, mixed or child position, seat heating, disinfection of the nozzle before and after use, soft closing thanks to the drop brake. This model is also top of the range.

The seat is covered with an antibacterial coating, the drying air and water temperatures as well as the water pressure can be adjusted in three stages, presence sensor:

Desineo has thought of everything! The system can be activated by a discreet side control, but also by remote control.

As a bonus, it has a bamboo charcoal odour neutralisation system. Everything you need, we tell you!

Bidet Toilet seat

Alternative: the hand shower WC

To move on to the perfect hygiene provided by the washbasin WC, you can, rather than replacing your door, opt for a simple hand shower that can be adapted to your toilet seat.

This economical system can also be practical if you don’t have a good way to connect to electricity easily.
Hoy’s CropBlanc Showerhead

By placing this hand shower directly on your existing toilet seat, you can easily use the Japanese toilet system, even without electricity.

The hand shower is powered by the flushing water, and its pressure is adjustable by means of the thumbwheel that turns it on or off.

This type of showerhead is very easy to install, and is guaranteed for 5 years parts and labour. However, please note that the connection kit is not supplied.


Choosing a bidet toilet seat for your toilets: criteria to compare

As long as you use a good brand (think of looking at customer reviews if you buy on Amazon, for example), you won’t have many criteria to hesitate between when investing in a Japanese toilet.

Rather, the real question will depend on your budget, and therefore on the number of options you wish to have: heated or unheated seat, remote control, ability to adjust the water temperature or pressure…

It is on this last point that we recommend that you do not skimp. It is a comfort asset in our opinion, which is indispensable. The drop brake is also very pleasant to use, but nowadays it is fitted to almost all modern flap models.

Questions and Answers regarding the Japanese toilet

Are Japanese toilets suitable for women?

Yes, Japanese toilets are perfectly suitable for feminine hygiene. They equip 3 out of 4 Japanese households, and there, as elsewhere, half of the population are women! However, it is certain that systems with an additional showerhead at the front are even more appreciated by women.

Are Japanese toilets adapted to people with reduced mobility?

Yes, this is one of their many advantages. They are even much easier to use in this case than more traditional WCs. Even if each disability and illness is very specific, they should meet your needs – but check where the control panel or remote control is located. Discuss this with your doctor, or the retailer, if you have one.

Can I use Japanese toilets for my ablutions?

Washing toilets are very popular with Muslims as they allow you to perform ablutions and ensure perfect hygiene at any time of the day, without using your hands. There is no need to use toilet paper when using Japanese toilets.

Where to buy your bidet toilet seat to find the best prices?

The best way to buy this type of toilet, whether it is a suspended Japanese toilet or a simple flap, or even a showerhead kit, is to go through the Internet. You’ll find much more choice than in the usual shops, and you can compare prices at your leisure to find the best system, with a maximum of options to suit your budget.

This can also be an asset, for this kind of product, when you are a little shy or easily embarrassed by these subjects! But you can also ask for advice in specialist shops, such as Amazon or Manomano, especially if you are thinking of installing a showerhead yourself, for example, and then supply yourself directly online.

You will also be able to see the opinions of consumers and exchange with the retailer, in particular via the comments section if you buy from Amazon for example. If the retailer doesn’t answer your questions, choose another one, there are plenty of them!

And it is important to know that he consults his comments and questions, and that he answers them, because in the event of a manufacturing defect, it is essential to be able to ask for it to be changed quickly and without difficulty or extra cost!

On the Internet, you will therefore have notices about Japanese WCs that catch your attention, but it is also the right address to find a cheap model, perfectly adapted to your own needs… and cleanliness!


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