Advice for your bathroom and toilet

The bathroom is a room that we use daily, mainly for our personal hygiene. Whether it is for washing in the morning or in the evening, for brushing our teeth after each meal, for putting on and removing make-up, everyone has to go to the bathroom several times a day.


A contemporary bathroom is usually equipped with at least one washbasin and a shower. The latter can take the form of a cabin or be integrated into a bathtub. Today, many people are abandoning the classic shower bar and replacing it with a shower column that also has a high shower head at the top end of the shower bar.


The thermostatic shower column is preferred. It then incorporates a thermostatic mixer allowing the water temperature to be adjusted to the nearest degree without having to adjust it at each shower.


The shower column can also be hydromassage. In this case, it contains nozzles at back level, and sometimes at leg level, which generate massaging jets, offering additional comfort.


The contemporary bathroom also has a heated towel rail. Operating with electricity or hot water, this appliance is very practical for drying clothes, especially wet towels used for washing. It also serves as a heater for the bathroom.


For each of these bathroom facilities, you will find on this site a complete guide to help you choose the best shower column, the best thermostatic mixer tap, and the best heated towel dryer.


You spend a lot of time in the bathroom. So it might as well be pleasant.


You want to change but you don’t know where to start or how to choose? This site is made for you!


You will find all the useful information about the different types of toilets: how they work, their advantages and disadvantages, their particularities, questions to ask yourself before buying and, of course, a comparison of the best toilet models to ask!

WCs have become more sophisticated in recent years. Japanese toilet, hanging toilet, macerator, classic… It is not always easy to find your way around, all the more so as they are not all adapted to the same accommodation or the same priorities.

We have broken down each of these types of installation so that you don’t feel lost before buying, and what you would prefer to do is to use the Internet or a DIY shop to acquire your property!

We also present you some accessories, in particular the toilet stool, also called physiological stool, which is more and more popular nowadays, allowing you to find a natural position in the toilet, better for your health and more hygienic (yes, sitting with your legs at 90° of your body is not recommended by medical authorities!).

We hope that this complete guide will help you to find your way around and to make progress in your project. We have even integrated links allowing you to go directly to the product pages, whether you want to buy, find out more about it by reading consumer reviews or talk directly to the retailer to ask all the questions you need to know to install a good toilet in your house or flat.

Happy reading!